Android has become the world’s most popular operating system. Given how Google is integrating AI into every possible scenario, it would be unfair to keep Android away.

The beta version of the much anticipated Android P has been finally launched at the Google I/O 2018. The new version of Android is quite different from its predecessors and has been dubbed to be the most ambitious update ever. Google has added a number of new features like navigation gestures, a new dashboard and more. The new Android will be powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

According to the google, the new feature is capable of “anticipating actions,” resulting in 30-percent fewer CPU wakeups. Google has promised more information on the feature in the upcoming developer keynote. Combined with larger on-board batteries and faster charging in recent handsets, the new tech could go a long ways toward changing the way users interact with their devices, shift the all night charge model to quick charging bursts — meaning, for better or worse, you can sleep with your handset nearby without having to worry about keeping it plugged in.

8 New AI-powered Android P features

1. Adaptive Brightness

The new Adaptive Brightness feature of Android P changes screen brightness as per your preferences to save battery and time. Now, Android P predicts what brightness level you’ll like and does it for you.

Adaptive Brightness learns from your habits while also taking ambient light into account. Rather than taking ambient brightness and tweaking brightness based solely on that, it knows whether you typically increase or decrease the brightness when it’s set at a certain level and automatically adjusts the display before you even have to think about it.

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2. AI-Powered Adaptive Battery

Adaptive Battery uses on-device machine learning to guess your app usage patterns. The company found a 30% reduction in CPU app wakeups for an increase in battery life. Google DeepMind powers it. The Adaptive Battery will also come with four new restriction levels ranging from “active” to “rare” to segment the apps.

3. All-New Navigation Panel With Gestures

Android P will come with an all-new system navigation panel with gestures which can be accessed directly from the home screen. Now you can swipe for a specially designed Overview with a full-screen preview of all the recently used apps making it easy to see and resume the activity.

4. Smart Text Selection With New Add-On Actions

The new Smart Text Selection on Android P helps to recognize the meaning of the text you have selected. The new feature will suggest a number of relevant options, which now works on Overview so that you can easily perform any action you want.

5. Slices – The Google-Powered Interactive UI

Slices is an API to define interactive snippets for app developers. First integrated into Google Search, Slices will be open to early access beginning next month.

Slices will bring remote content to the users through Google Search and Google Assistant. It has a templated UI for apps with support for actions, sliders, scrolling content and more. For example, if you are searching for OLA or UBER in Google Search, now you will get to see an interactive Slice with the price and time for a trip to work or any other saved location.

6. Biometric Prompt

Android P will come with Biometric Prompt which will replace fingerprint dialogue with added support for Face and Iris authentication, which will provide a system-wide consistent experience. The same authentication can be used for all the apps and purposes on the device.

7. Background Restrictions

Android P will come with a better power efficiency with its newly improved Doze, App Standby and Background Limits to improve the battery life. The new Android will help users to identify and manage apps with Android Vitals to detect battery-draining app behaviours.

8. ML Kit

With ML Kit, devs will get on-device APIs for different smart actions like text recognition, image recognition, and more. It’s cross-platform, and it runs on iOS and well as Android.

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