Last year, Apple released advanced screenshot editing tools for iPhone users with iOS 11, and, now Google is here with a Android feature called Markup.

The only single problem is that this new tool is limited to Android P, which launches later this year but probably won’t come to most older Android devices. Thanks to, there’s already an unofficial way to bring Markup for your smartphone.

“Android P” its built-in screenshot editor which allows users to edit their screenshots. Markup, a fairly basic built-in screenshot editor that let’s you doodle and crop your screenshots.

This unofficial way to capture screenshot comes from XDA Forums, who copied Google’s Markup tool and released it as an app for older versions of Android.

You can download MarkUp software now. Don’t forget that you’re installing unvetted third-party software on your device so it may be a bit buggy. You should probably also back up your smartphone first, just in case something goes wrong.



  1. Download the Markup APK
  2. Install the APK
  3. Take a screenshot/ Using markup
  4. Tap “share” and select Markup

Once it’s downloaded, a notification should pop-up. Click on it and select Install to complete the process


1. Download the APK file

Thanks to a XDA developer who gave us another way (unofficial) to use Markup from the first Android P developer preview. Keep in mind that, because of that, third party application MarkUp maybe be little bit buggy and not letting you share directly after editing.

Download actual APK file from this XDA thread and install it on your Android phone. This app works on almost all older android version.

2. Install the APK

Once you’ve got it downloaded, the next step is to install the APK on your device. Installing its APK file is quite easy, and most of the users must be familiar with it. The app runs smoothly on any 64-bit Android device and even some 32-bit devices.

3. Using Markup

In order to use Markup, take a screenshot and tap the Share option from the notification menu.

On the share menu, markup application must be there.

Click on Markup where you can crop or doodle on the pictures with seven different colors. One can find a pen and a highlighter on the screen with different brush thickness for easy doodling.

Once you are done with editing the image, select the tick icon on the top right corner to autosave your edited image on your phone.

At the end, Markup is a good app to take screenshot so download it now and enjoy editing your screenshots.

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