kaiOS is already an established os in mobile solutions.but it is abandoned due to new Android OS.

kaiOs is pretty perfect for Nokia feature phones. nokia made successful phones with this os.

You can find traces of kaiOs in now-abandoned firefox. firefox OS is a Failure you can say. but, KaiOs-Makes feature phone cool.

Features Of KaiOS:-

  • Lightest OS Ever
  • it is based on web technology such as html5.
  • Can work on 256 MB of Ram also that’s why it can be used in feature phones.
  • KaiOS supports same powerful features like android Some of them are:-NFC, Wi-fi, LTE/4G and qwerty keyboard.
  • Supports java and html5.
  • camera capibilities.
  • Dual sim support.
  • Own app store.
  • IM services and Email.
  • Contact integration.
  • Supports for live Tv services.
  • Video calling.

What It Can Do

It can change the future of feature phones as it did for Jio feature phone. KaiOS now comes with new Nokia phones like Nokia 8110 4G and 3310 4G. kaiOS has been already used by 3o million people all around the world in countries like Canada, the USA, India.

KaiOS has many exciting features that you got in android or IOS like Maps and Google assistant they will soon add wi-fi hotspot functionality.they don’t have google play store so can’t run Android apps at all but, you can have directions through Maps, Emails, Fast connectivity through 4G and Instant Messaging.


You can say it is the successor of Nokia s40 series phones.Although HMD group already announced that there is no WhatsApp in KaiOS powered Nokia phones till now it means they are still working on it.so, don’t buy this phone in hope of getting Whatsapp soon.

Has It seen Recent Success?

KaiOS-powered phones are out for selling on the world market.In America Sprint, AT&T and T-mobile are already selling this phone as a feature phone.

In India KaiOS powered phones are a great success thanks to Jio feature phone. Jio telecommunication sell its phone at a great price of 1500 INR with great features. Jio sold too many phones in Indian Market. Jio’s effective data price strategy also helped them to sell more Feature Phones.

one Can think of buying feature phone now Because it is not only handy but, Now it comes with some features of Android which people loved in android.

If you are a Feature Phone lover than go for it.

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