Google announced it at Mobile World Congress last week.


  • Google Lens has now been rolling out to all Android users
  • The tool is presently available via Google Photos
  • iOS users will also soon receive Google Lens integration updates

Google is officially rolling its Lens out to Android phones that have Google Photos installed. Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL users can now use Google Lens directly from the Google Photos app to learn more about the objects they’ve captured on their devices. The tool leverages Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) efforts and computer vision to analyse photos to display relevant information. It is capable of recognising different objects and landmarks as well as transcribing the text available in the photos. It can also save contact details from a business card.

The ability to scan a business card is pretty useful, though, unless, of course, you’ve done away with business cards a long time ago and Although you can do a manual search for almost anything, taking a picture of some food item or new gadget seems to make life easier, and it looks cool, kind of.

Google promises that Lens in Google Photos will roll out to iOS users “soon,” but it’s unclear when exactly this will happen.


Certain phones will eventually be able to access Lens through the Google Assistant, too, including flagships from LG, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, and HMD/ Nokia. Google says Lens is rolling out in batches, so you might not get the update right now.


How to use Google Lens on Any Android Phone?

As said earlier, you can open the Google Photos app on your Android phone to fire up Google Lens. Currently, not all Android users might have the feature in their Photos app because Google is pushing the update in batches.

Google Lens in Google Assistant

If you have Pixel, you can enable Assistant by pressing and holding the menu button. Then tap the Google Lens icon in the bottom right corner, and you’re good to go.

Google Lens in Google Photos

If you’re using latest version of the Google Photos, you can find Google Lens button in the app. To use it, you have to first take a picture of any object and pull it up in Google Photos. Now tap on Lens icon to let Google analyze the object and show results.

Now, don’t try to find your crush, However, it may not be able to recognise all your photos since it’s currently available as a preview, it cannot identify human.

Whatever you capture while using Google Lens, you can check it again whenever you want. Just to your Google account’s My Activity page.

Try Google Lens in your android device, and comment down your experience.



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