How To Create A Bootable Usb

If you want to install operating system installing it with a USB can be cool and best option . Installation with CD/DVD is not seems handy and you have to mess with a CD/DVD too.

Now most of the people use BOOTABLE USB as installation media for os. there are certain reasons why many people and I prefer USB as installation. 

 1. it is handy so it is easier to carry.
 2. install as many times you want after 3-4 times cd don’t work properly.
 3. it can be rewritted but cd/dvd can’t

There are too many softwares for making a bootable usb but, you all know best can be only one.

so, we are going to use universal UUI installer.

USB is the best because it supports all type of os you many know and all other you may never heard off.

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 It is super simple..
1. Open the UUi and firstly, select the OS you want to install from the list.
2. Browse the .iso file from your pc(download the .iso file of os if you have not one).
3. Put the usb in pc and then select it in UUI.
4. Now tap on create.
5. It will show a process dialog like below.
6. Press on close after it completes.
7. now restart and press F2 to jump into bios of you PC and tap on boot tap to select the USB in boot priority.

If you booted you did everything right thanks.



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