How To Link Your Android or iOS Device To Windows 10?

Windows And Phones Are Both Different Devices what if You Can Connect each Other. Today You will Learn How To link  Your Android Or Ios Device To Windows 10 Pc.

It is super Easy to Link Your Windows 10 To Phone If you Follow The steps Below. watch Out Carefully And i Will Show You How it works.

I will show you how we are going to Link Windows Android IOS.

Connect Phone To Windows 10

You will need a windows 10 pc and a android or ios do this please create a Microsoft account.

Step 1:-You have to definitely create a Microsoft Account It is a mandatory process.

Step 2:- go to settings in windows 10 pc and then click on the phone option as you can see in the picture below.


Step 3:- After clicking on phone option click on add a phone.

add a phone

Step 4:-Now select the country code and put the number to get a click via Sms to download Microsoft app for further steps.

Put number

Now you will Get a link a Like me as shown below.

Sms link

Step 5:-Click on the link in the SMS and you will be redirected to play store to download the Microsoft launcher app sixes approximately 17 MB.

Step 6:- Open the app and sign in using the Microsoft account you created in earlier process. after that it will shpw connected in settings menu of windows 10 in phone section like below.

Note:-NO App Needed to Like Ios.

I used a redmi 3s for myself as you can see in screenshot.


How to Share  Link Between PC And Phone:-

Step 1- Go to play store and download the Microsoft apps from there sizes 11 MB.

Step 2-Tap on the app and then click on start on the phone it will show some tutorials of there’s your wish if you want to see tutorial then see otherwise i am telling you about that tutorial in steps below.

Step 3:-it will open something after the slideshow tutorial Click on Get started to move Further.

Step 4:- After you Click get Started it will Open from here the real tutorial started after the website completely opened find the share option Now,you can directly share the link your PC your is linked with your phone now.


Step 5:-This share is also like normal bluetooth sharing but,in reality it is connected through Microsoft Account. After you click on share many share options will open like Facebook, Whatsapp, bluetooth, shareit etc.

There you will find a continue on pc option too. kindly click on will show the name of your pc as fast as you click on it that link instantly opens in your pc.

Not only that link Now you can open any link in your pc and mobile together.

To share pictures?

To share pictures between the pc and phone you need google photos app most of them have already that app as it is pre-instaaled with many devices.

you can share the pictures with PC like we did for link. just go to the google photos app and click share like we did earlier.

Google photos>tap share>continue on pc to share the link with pc.

Note:- it will send only one image at once.

What More You Can Do?

If you like the connect to pc feature this is not the end for your excitement. there is lot more you can do by installing some more apps in your phone.

The Cortana App:-cortana app can give more power to you as it can do lot when it comes to syncing your device with your PC. download the cortana app in your android device from the play store.

Through cortana app you can sync various things in windows action center in notification area.

you can check notifications for missed calls, incoming messages, low battery status, and notifications from other apps can appear in the Windows 10 Action Center.

To Enable visit>cortana> Swipe from left of the screen > Settings > Cross Device. you can select the particular app you want to sync notification for your windows PC. Tap Choose what to sync to choose apps. By default notifications for all the apps are disabled.

Send Photos And Videos Over WiFi?

You learned linking PC with Phone via internet. you will be glad to know you can also send images and videos over WiFi through a application.Microsoft released a app called Photos Companion.

with the help of this app you can send images and videos from your android or Ios to your PC through WiFi network.

Connect Phone To Windows 10 Via USB?

If you want to sync data of phone to PC via USB Microsoft has everything in their magical hat.

Yes,you heard right Microsoft launched a Phone Companion app to sync Phone’s data with PC via USB Cable.Download Phone Companion app via Microsoft store.

Phone Companion



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