The Moon will have a 4G mobile network installed next year, While Elon Musk is busy covering the earth with Starlink internet satellites, Nokia and Vodafone have other plans: install 4G network on the moon. he mission, organized by space exploration company PTScientists (Part Time Scientists), Vodafone Germany, and Audi. will be the first ever privately-funded Moon landing.

Mission to the Moon is due to launch in 2019 from Cape Canaveral on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

“The great thing about this LTE solution is that it saves so much power, and the less energy we use sending data, the more we have to do science”, said Robert Böhme, CEO of PTScientists.

As a part of the mission, the rovers will visit the Apollo 17 landing site on the moon after more than 45 years. There they’ll examine the Apollo 17 lunar roving vehicle aka “moon buggy,” which was left behind by NASA astronauts after their moonwalk in 1972.

Nokia, through Nokia Bell Labs, will create a space-grade Ultra Compact Network – weighing less than one kilo.

Vodafone Germany chief exec, Hannes Ametsreiter, said: “This project involves a radically innovative approach to the development of mobile network infrastructure.”

Vodafone has appointed Nokia Bell Labs as the technology partner to set up a lightweight space-grade ultra-compact network that will weight “less than a kilo, the same as a bag of sugar.”

The launch of the network may mean the Moon will have 4G signal while people in many parts of the UK still struggle to connect.

“In order for humanity to leave the cradle of Earth, we need to develop infrastructures beyond our home planet”, said Mr Böhme.


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