We all almost have been faced a problem of automatically data usage when we connect our internet with WiFi, so How to monitor data usage in Windows 10, Android, or any other operating system you use. Even though we might have an abundance of internet connectivity, keeping an eye on the data usage is essential. In many parts of the world, data is still a costly commodity.

For people who are restricted by a bandwidth cap, checking their internet usage is a job, they should often do. High data usage maybe due to unknown bandwidth consumption could be a hint of some bug or malware living on the system. These are the things that you can’t ignore

DigitIcon.com is trying to answer some of the queries about data usage in Windows 10.

How to check my data usage in Windows 10?

Turn on your Windows 10 PC and go to the Settings app > Network and Internet, and there you’ll find an entire page related to monitoring internet usage on your device.


Windows 10 data usage page shows a brief overview of how much data you’ve used on WiFi and Ethernet in the last 30 days.

How to cheak which app is using my internet?

Click View usage per app to display the usage details. The apps which eat your internet get listed in descending order.


There is more.

You can also view the internet usage numbers for a particular WiFi network. Just click the Show usage from drop-down menu and select the desired network.


Windows 10 lets you view data usage details for the network you’re connected to or all the networks. If you’re connected to the wireless network at your office, other networks such as your home WiFi won’t appear on the list. You only configure them for the WiFi network you’re connected to.

How to reset data usage in Windows 10?

The process to reset data usage on your Windows 10 PC is fairly simple. On the same Usage details page, you’ll find the reset usage stats button. Sometimes, the option only worked when I chose WiFi networks (all) option from the drop-down menu.


How do I stop data usage on my laptop?

Set a connection as metered

Set As Metered connection works for individual WiFi networks. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi. Click on Manage known networks > Choose the WiFi network > Go to Properties. Now, turn on the radio button that says “Set as metered connection“.


Turn off background data in Windows 10

You can disable background data in Windows 10. An option exists on the Windows 10 data usage page.

Under Show settings for, choose the WiFi network. Now, click on the Always radio button under Limit what Store apps and Windows features and do in the background.


Just like your Android or iOS device, you can also set a data limit on your PC running Windows 10. This helps when you’re on a connection with a cap and are afraid of losing your internet bandwidth to some greedy app or process.


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