After many years of its worldwide success, YouTube launched its premium paid service called YouTube Red and today I am going to provide YouTube Red APK MOD Latest Android Version For Free.


Youtube red is a premium paid service of Youtube like amazon prime service. Youtube Red is going to offer features like Background playback, offline music, No Ads, free Google Play Music subscription, etc. Now you don’t need to watch any adds in the youtube app.

We don’t know how many people in India are interested in paying Youtube but, sadly Youtube Red is available for only a few countries like United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea.

If you are willing to Buy Youtube red well you don’t have to spend a penny on it. I am going to show you how it is going to be free.


  • You can play all videos on a background(Great for music and podcast lover ).
  • No root required.
  • You can enable or disable background play through settings.
  • Special video Codec (Vp9) to make video quality more better and play video over low data/bandwidth usage. (Good for the poor network)

  • You can also disabled/enabled user pop cards info on video playback
  • Choose default video quality to be played!

  • You can keep both Youtube official and modded(Good for your data).
  • Totally ads free.
  • You can pinch to zoom using modded MicroG
  • YouTube Red APK MOD Removes Branding watermark!


  1. Download both 2 files from the link given below.
  2. Once downloaded install both the files Youtube Mod is of 30 MB and MicroG is of 2 MB.
  3. After installation, you will see two youtube app in your app drawer open the second one you installed in step 2.
  4. Now, go to the ‘Profile’ option and then Sign in with your Google account that you want to use for YouTube. 
  5. After you are signed in, you can now watch any video without ads. Also, you have features like Background Playback which lets you listen to the audio without video.
  6. Now you have access to the youtube red and you can disable the official youtube app from the settings. After you disable the official youtube you will see only one youtube app on your phone.

Note:-This require Android version above 4.1 If you want to explore more in Youtube Mod app you can go to the ‘Settings’ of the app, you will find ‘iYTBP Settings’ which have some features like codec settings, video quality, etc.

Point To Remember:- you are installing microG for signing with your google account in Youtube red Mod. If you are not willing to Sign you may not need to install microG.

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